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Prenatal Support & Education

In collaboration with Multicultural Health Brokerage Cooperative, an IBA birth worker will facilitate prenatal gatherings. Monthly gatherings with one or more birth workers and elders present to share knowledge and to listen to stories about pregnancy, birth, Breastfeeding/safe infant feeding, Babywearing and parenting. Cultural teachings will be blended in throughout the class as well as following the content from Alberta Health Services Prenatal Education Program.

Labour / Birth Support

A birthworker works with expectant families to provide the support an auntie or family member would traditionally provide for a family expecting a baby. Our birthworkers have knowledge about pregnancy, the birthing process, Breastfeeding and parenting, A primary birthworker will meet with families in the prenatal time to discuss the pregnancy, birth wishes, immediate post partum preferences along with any concerns or questions that may be present in regards to any of those areas. Together, the birthworker, pregnant person and care provider (midwife or medical doctor) will discuss any concerns or desires of the family for pregnancy, birth and early post partum. An elder will be consulted as the family so desires. The birthworker will be with the birthing person during labour to provide emotional, physical and informational support to uphold their birth desires. Where it is appropriate, the birthworker will also provide professional advocacy to uphold previously discussed birth preferences and to maintain the integrity and emotional safety of the client.

Lactation Support & Safe Infant Feeding Education

A certified lactation counsellor or lactation consultant will provide professional and evidence based information to support and protect the Breastfeeding journey. Prenatal support is encouraged, but counsellors and consultants can be hired at any point in the post partum period when feeding challenges may arise. Our peer support educators are also available for phone support and facilitating peer support Breastfeeding circles in communities and within organizations.

Post Partum Support

A birthworker whose focus is to provide support after the birth, at any time in the post partum period. The birth worker will meet with the family during the pregnancy to learn about the needs of the family and to develop a plan for after the birth support. The birthworker will join the new family at a previously arranged time following birth to provide in home emotional and physical support, light housekeeping and laundry for baby and birthing person. Basic Breastfeeding and Safe Infant Feeding support is also provided by the post partum birthworker. Traditional practices such as moss bag, Infant swing, placenta ceremony, nitsiy teaching and naming ceremony can also be arranged with the birthworker, knowledge keeper or elder as the family requests.

Mentorship for Birthworkers

An opportunity for people who want to be involved in providing support for birth or Breastfeeding/Safe Infant Feeding. Mentorship can also be arranged for those people wanting to reclaim indigenous traditions around reproduction, birth and parenting. Learning opportunities and shadowing experiences with birth workers are available. For indigenous birth workers looking for cultural teachings, a list of elders of knowledge keepers will be provided, along with support around protocol and offerings to request these teachings.

Community Engagement & Professional Collaboration

Our birthworkers work collaboratively with organizations who support indigenous families, to bridge the gap of providing emotional, informational and physical support along with evidence based information for pregnancy, birth, Breastfeeding/safe infant feeding. Our IBA members are also available for sharing indigenous birth and culture for community presentation indigenous, birth circle gatherings and for education seminars for businesses, health centres and medical professionals.

How do I register for midwifery care in Alberta?

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Where can I learn more about culturally sensitive childbirth care and education?

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