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Indigenous Birthworkers, Aunties, Cultural Helpers & Midwives

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Nadia Houle

BSc, RAc, CLC, Doula Registered Acupuncturist, Certified Lactation Counsellor & Indigenous Doula

Nadia has a passion for encouraging women make themselves a priority!
Nadia has a passion for being culturally inclusive while encouraging her patients to prioritize their health by helping them gather all the information and tools they need to make the decisions best for them.

​Nadia has taken postgraduate studies in obstetrical, fertility, pediatric oriental medicine. She also has extensive birth/postpartum support training, lactation counselling, bereavement support- all being culturally inclusive. Nadia is available to help you through your fertility journey, pregnancy, labour/birth, and the postpartum parenting period. Her Bachelor of Science majoring in Kinesiology and Yoga training are a great asset for aches and pains. She supports your health from common ailments like headaches through to more serious injuries or disease such as cancer. ​Treatments are a blend of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture & CranioSacral Therapy.

Nadia is viewed as an essential part of the patient's healing journey as her vast clinic and front line experience has shaped her treatment style. Treatments are enhanced with knowledgeable conversation and resources. Her goal and passion are in bringing ceremony and sacredness of self love, community and family from her indigenous culture back into pregnancy, birth, parenthood and life!

She is the Founder of Indigenous Birth of Alberta and, in the past, has served as an active member of the Maternity Care Consumer Awareness Network (MCAN), Breastfeeding Action Committee of Edmonton (BACE), the Doula Association of Edmonton, Association for Safe Alternative in Childbirth (ASAC). Nadia is also a supporter or La Leche League Canada, Safely Fed Canada and the National Aboriginal Council of Midwives (NACM).

Tracy Bradley

Metis Birth Keeper, Hypnobabies Instructor, Birth & Postpartum Doula, Reiki Master

Tracy is a Cree-Metis birth doula and placenta specialist with over 18 years experience in supporting perinatal families. She has a passion for sharing knowledge surrounding babywearing, childbirth education, doula support and placenta preparation. Tracy brings a grounded energy to birthing families, her quiet approach creates a comforting and empowering model of care. Tracy home-birthed her two children with doulas and midwives, and has experience in perinatal loss and support.

Tracy's role with Indigenous Birth of Alberta includes birth and postpartum support, hosting the Breast / chestfeeding circle, communications, display coordination and as oskapayos in ceremony.


Tracy also teaches Hypnobabies classes as well as preparing for birth classes which include pregnancy, birth, breast/chest/safe infant feeding and newborn care.  You can find more information at, or information about a wide variety of classes at Grow Centre Cowork (

Tracy's is an active member in the Breastfeeding Action Committee of Edmonton (BACE) as Vice President, the Doula Association of Edmonton as a member and past treasurer, E2S - Edmonton Two Spirit Society as a helper, and RECOVER - an initiative by the City of Edmonton focusing on the systems that affect wellness in the urban core, and co-hosts a weekly Nêhiyawêwin practice.

Lori Calkins

Indigenous Doula

Lori Calkins

Indigenous Doula


Lori is a Métis birth worker. Her family comes from the Red River Settlement in Manitoba.  She grew up on the West Coast and has called Amiskwacîwâskahikan (Edmonton) home for over 20 years. She first trained as a doula (DONA) in 1998 and has supported many women and their families through the prenatal months, labour, birth and into the postpartum period. After a few years away from birth work she has refreshed her skills and returned to perinatal support with a focus on indigenous families, and is learning to offer culturally rooted care. Lori believes all birthing persons should have barrier free access in their communities to the supports and care they choose.  She brings a quiet, calm, gentle presence to birth work, as well as experience (both personal and professional) with healing, loss, grief, and cross cultural communication.  

Melissa Cardinal-Grant


Melissa is a Cree-Metis woman who was born and raised in Amiskwacîwâskahikan; her ancestors were the Papaschase people. She worked at the Royal Alexandra Hospital as a labour and delivery nurse for 7 years and has been a member of the Indigenous birth-keeping community since 2017. In 2019, Melissa was accepted into midwifery school in Sudbury, Ontario! Her dream is to finish school, come back to Amiskwacîwâskahikan (Edmonton), and set up an Indigenous-led midwifery practice that is rooted in love and ceremony.

Above all else, she loves and is loved by her daughter - Willow, her husband - Cory, her fur babies - Jazz and Kodo.

Pihesiw Crane

Full spectrum doula, chi nei tsang/visceral massage

Pihesiw (also goes by Cat) is a Two-Spirit member of Samson Cree Nation, Maskwacis based in Amiskwaciy-Wâskahikan (Edmonton) who serves as a Full-Spectrum Doula. Having completed their training through the Native Youth Sexual Health Network (NYSHN) and DONA International, Pihesiw had been working and volunteering with pregnant people and their babies for over a decade, including extensive service at Red Deer Regional Hospital. They also offer clients body work in the form of visceral massage and organ manipulation.


Pihesiw is determined to use an anti-oppressive approach to care including practicing gender-inclusive language, trauma-informed care and harm reduction. Pihesiw specializes in LGBTQ2S sexual and reproductive health while believing that birth justice is deeply woven with social justice. Traditional birthing, in their experience, has the power to heal families and entire communities. Pihesiw's greatest joy as a full-spectrum doula is watching pregnant people and their families become confident, educated, and excited about the birth and early parenting of their children.

Alycia Dowsett

Alycia Dowsett is a member of the Mistawasis Nêhiyawak First Nation. She has a background in Education, completing her Bachelor of General Studies and Bachelor of Education at the University of Calgary. She is using her background in Education to create a comprehensive, culturally engaged prenatal course to support Indigenous women both on and off reserves. Alycia has started a Breastfeeding Circle at Tsuut'ina Nation. She is also an active participant in supporting their prenatal program. She believes women supporting women is one of the greatest tools mothers can use to grow a strong, healthy, viable community. Trained through DONA for her foray into the birthing world, she looks forward to furthering her training to include Postpartum care as a Doula, Indigenous Breastfeeding Councilor and Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga Instructor. As a mother to five children, she is an advocate for home births, midwives and access to the best birth options for every woman. 

Joey Fulton

La Leche League Leader

Boozhoo! I am a proud member of Chippewas of Nawash First Nation, Ontario. My home base is located in Spruce Grove on Treaty 6 Territory.
I have been a Leader with La Leche League Canada, since 2010. I am very dedicated to providing quality information to families on breastfeeding and chest feeding. During the day, you will find me at work with the Lands Advisory Board Resource Centre. I have a passion for decolonization, promoting inherent rights and self-determination for our Nations. My pride is my family and my greatest blessings are my 2 kids. Chi Miigwetch!

​Xoyaa~ Wiya

Indigenous Birth Doula

Xoyaa~ Wiya


My spiritual name translated to English from Isga is Golden Eagle Woman. You can refer to whichever language is most comfortable to pronounce. I am a two-spirited individual who uses both They / Them pronouns as well as the traditional She / Her. I come from a community northwest of Edmonton called Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation. I was born at the Royal Alexandra Hospital into the hands of the same doctor that caught my mother 29 years previously. I have not had the honour of bringing life into the world, but that does not stop my enthusiasm and passion for this area of life. I have celebrated and supported 20+ births thus far in the Edmonton Area, within the 8 years it has taken me to discover and acknowledge the path Creator has set me on. When I'm not attending births as an Indigenous Birth Doula or helping my clients in their postpartum period, you can find me reading a book, cooking, hiking, and planning my next worldly adventure. Ish Nish for taking the time to learn about me and I look forward to meeting you, should you so wish it! ❤️

Desirée Solberg

Cree-Métis Birth and postpartum Aunty/Doula, Lactation Counselor

Desirée (she/her)  is a Cree-Métis Birth and postpartum Aunty/Doula. She was born on Syilx Territory and her family comes from the Summerberry Marsh Settlement in the Pas Manitoba.
Desirée is the founder and lead Doula at Lean On Me Doula Services.
She has been providing labour, postpartum and breastfeeding support for over 10 years and in 2018 she did her Birth Doula training with DONA International. She is currently training with H.E.R.B.A.L as a Peer  Lactation Counselor.

As a mother herself she knows it takes a village and believes that supporting the lifegivers to have their births, their way gives woman back the dignity that is so often taken away when woman aren't heard and encouraged.
She believes in attachment parenting and brings that supportive loving attitude with her into her work as well.
When she's not supporting women and their families she Spends her time with her son William and their three fur babies


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